1. Sustainable, Customer-Friendly
                  Scrap Metal and Electronics Recycling

                  An Unwavering Focus on Safety and Environmental Responsibility.

                  Sadoff Iron & Metal offers scrap metal recycling of non-ferrous metals and ferrous scrap, auto salvage, electronics recycling, and more. Our multiple locations provide exceptional recycled products and programs for steel mills, foundries, smelters, and many others. Get the latest news in recycling and sustainability from your locally-operated recycling company.



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                  Materials we acceptferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, and more!

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                  Well purchase your scrap metal, make the planet more green, and make YOU some green, too.


                  Were a certified supplier of premium specialty scrap metal, backed by integrity and professional service.

                  About Sadoff

                  The preferred choice in recyclingcompetitive pricing, prompt and safe service, and a commitment to sustainability

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                  Credentials and Certifications

                  Tier 1 of Wisconsin Green Tier encourages and rewards companies committed to superior environmental performance while collaborating with the WI Department of Natural Resources.

                  Trust only the best! The R2:2013 standard is the leading global certification standard for the electronics reuse and recycling industry. *Oshkosh & LaVista only

                  ISO 9001:2015 Certification, the international quality management standard, proves that we use defined quality processes, which are regularly reviewed for effectiveness and an eye toward continual improvement.

                  ISO 14001:2015 Certificationmeans weve implemented proactive initiatives and environmental management systems to protect the environment, including sustainable resources use.

                  OHSAS 18001:2007 Accreditation means we put a priority on occupational health and safety through our policies, processes, plans, and practices.

                  What is Down To Earth Recycling?

                  Sadoff Iron & Metal combines our environmental responsibility with easy-going, customer-focused attention. For you, Down To Earth makes things easy, comfortable and, ultimately, it boosts your bottom-line.

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