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                  • Medical gas supply

                    We offer medical gases, specialty gases, and equipment to meet the needs of your facility

                  • Pipeline systems

                    Our range of products & services will provide a reliable medical gas system for your facility

                    Pipeline systems & equipment
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                    We offer clinical & respiratory products that let your medical teams focus on patient care

                    Respiratory products
                  Do not hesitate to contact us anytime for assistance or advice on our products and services.
                  You can call us 24/7 at 1 888 629 0202



                  Providing easy-to-use, safe, cost-effective solutions for the challenges faced by Canadian hospitals


                  Air Liquide Healthcare provides oxygen gas, dental nitrous oxide and other turnkey medical gas solutions

                  Labs &
                  Research Facilities

                  We have a complete range of solutions designed for labs & research facilities, from gases to equipment and staff training

                  For Local Clinics

                  Providing equipment and support for local healthcare businesses & professionals

                  Key figures


                  years experience


                  Highly qualified staff across the country


                  Clinics & Facilities served

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